8 – 9 April 2019

Megan Martin, Liz Beattie, Lydia Sula, and Keri Campbell

Student Voice, Agency to improve Wellbeing and Engagement Teacher Led Innovation Fund

Our Catholic Kāhui Ako has been successful in securing a Teacher Led Innovation Fund to explore the following inquiry project from 2018-2020 and we will share our journey so far. "This project is an inquiry into whether a change in teacher practice from teacher-led to teacher-facilitated, with a focus on developing student voice and agency, will we have an impact on wellbeing and engagement".

The most important aspect of change is the development of agency and self-efficacy where our young people feel empowered to take responsibility and appropriate action to improve their own wellbeing and that of their community. We live in a society where our ownership of health and wellbeing is increasingly outsourced to others. We have more knowledge about how to be healthy than ever before but we simply are not actioning it. Common sense is not common practice! How do we listen to our student voice and develop their agency to improve their own wellbeing and engagement and that of their community?


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