8 – 9 April 2019

Rebecca Wilson

Haeata's Story - A New Dawn

What our positive education provision looks like today is nothing like what was in place in 2017 when Haeata Community Campus, Years 1-13, Decile 1 school opened with a roll of 950 students.

The journey to date consists of: 2017 - Pastoral Care focus; 2018 - Wellbeing and Pastoral Care and for 2019 shifting to Positive Education, Wellbeing and Pastoral Care. Our story starts with Haeata's vision - Learning and Wellbeing to be equal! A blank canvas to work with. When we opened in February 2017 I had the privilege of designing a Hauora team that was unlike others. The provision was formed based on the needs, aspirations and voice of the community. Throughout 2017, the Hauora provision continued to evolve in response to the health and wellbeing needs including a high level of complexity. During 2018 we established proactive case working model.

April 2018 was when the light bulb went off for me personally and professionally, it was at PENZ 2018. I had moments of excitement alongside moments of feeling completely overwhelmed. From there we began to focus on our Staff, Student and Community. This has be done through significant PLD at many different levels aimed to build awareness and knowledge. I partnered with two mentors within the Wellbeing Space in Christchurch and overtime they have became critical friends.

Our learnings have lay the groundwork for 2019 where we are moving towards a model which encompasses pastoral care, wellbeing and explicit delivery of a Positive Education programme across our learning design. It is still in the early stages but will consist of implicit/explicit teaching alongside a taught and caught curriculum. We recently spent a week looking at Australian schools who have come through the other side of this journey.

Throughout our journey there has been significant learnings, personally this journey has been transformational for me.

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